Science+Fiction Dialogue 2014

„Brave New World“

What, when, where?


Saturday, May 17th 2014

09.15 - 16.00


University of Basel, Aula,

Petersplatz 1, 4001, side entrance

Directions by public transportation: Take Bus Nr. 30 at the main railway station, leave the bus at the stop „Spalentor“, take the path indicated on the map below to the lecture hall of the univeristy, Petersplatz 1 (ca. 200 m distance).

Directions by car: Exit Highway „Basel Süd“, follow „Bahnhof SBB“, „Heuwaage Viadukt“, „Steinengraben“, „Schützengraben“, pass by „Spalentor“, take „Schönbeinstrasse“, „Klingelbergstrasse“, „Schanzenstrasse“ and enter the parking „City“.

Should it be full, continue „Schanzenstrasse“ (right turn at the trafficlight), „Spitalstrasse“, „Blumenrain“, right turn to „Spiegelgasse“ and enter the parking „Storchen“. Then walk to the lecture Hall, Petersplatz 1.


Congress languages:

German and English

Simultaneous translation for both languages

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