Science+Fiction Dialogue 2014

„Brave New World“


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Nick Bostrom, Philosopher

University of Oxford

Future of Humanity Institute

Key-Speech: Imagination Stronger Than Reality?

Evan E.Eichler, Scientist

Eichler Lab, University of Washington

Chances and Limits of Genetical Evolution of Mankind

John Elliot, Scientist

School of Computing and Creative Technologies  

Structure of a Language for extraterrestrial comunication

Ernst-Wilhelm Händler,

Writer and Philosopher

Merkur GmbH&Co KG


Sense and Consequences of Unlimited Lifetime

Gerard ‛t Hooft, Scientist

Institute for Theoretical Physics, University Utrecht

Why Humans can Live on Planet Mars


Bas Landsdorp, Enterpreneur

Mars One Foundation

Mars One - A Human Colony on Planet Mars


Mathias Mertens, Scientist

Institut für Medien und Theater, Universität Hildesheim

Are Nerds the Typical Humans of the Future?

Iris Radisch, Literary Critic, Head of the Cultural Section „Die Zeit“

„Die Zeit“, (weekly newspaper), Hamburg

Fictional Literature in a World of Virtual Communication





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