Science+Fiction Dialogue 2014

„Brave New World“

Margrith Raguth

Margrith Raguth
Margrith Raguth

Margrith Raguth is a writer and CEO of Logos&Forum GmbH. She was editor with the swiss cultural magazine „Du“ and co-founder of the literary magazine „Entwürfe“. After several years as editor in chief of a Magazine for engineering and architecture she founded, in 1004, the company Logos&Forum GmbH. She has conceived and organised several events and congresses. The first congress „Science+Fiction Dialogue“ take place in 2010 and was dedicated to brain research, the second one in 2012 with the theme of humanoid robots and artificial intelligence.


She is author of poetry („Zugemauerte Nächte“, 1992) and of the stage play „Das Kind“ (Zürich, Theater Stock, 2010) als well as editor of the science and fiction anthology „Motte im Datenkleid, Science (non) Fiction“ (2005).


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