Science+Fiction Dialogue 2014

„Brave New World“

Brave New World“ - today even braver than ever?

Much of what Huxley has imagined in 1932 in his novel „Brave New World“ is today‘s reality. Facts like worldwice electronig monitoring and control, cloning, artificial drugs, virtual realities and others tend to go beyond Huxley‘s imagination. So far, that toda we must ask the question: Can fiction still imagine a reality beyond the one we face today in laboratories, think tanks, worldwide organisations and so on?


The congress Science+Fiction Dialogue 2014 focuses on this question based on spectacular technological projects and real developments in science and research. Leading scientists, intellectuals and visionaries will present examples from their field of activity, while personalities from the worlds of fiction and philosophy reflect about those visions and the related future perspectives. Quotations from Huxley‘s novel „Brave New World“ will introduce into the different topics.


Science+Fiction Dialogue 2014 follows the successful concept of the two previous events in 2010 on brain research and 2012 on humanoid robots and artificial intelligence. Doing so, it further enhances its role as a platform for presentation and discussion of scientific, technological and social developments.


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